Close up of worried childThis is the final post in my series discussing action a Las Vegas parent can take if they need to file for child support or enforce an order that is not being followed. I began this series because too often parents who rely on child support feel powerless and helpless when the paying parent refuses to make ordered payments in a timely fashion.

I have discussed a number of specific topics throughout this series including posts on:

There are two major points I have stressed throughout the course of this series. One, every parent is obligated to assist in the financial well-being of their child, and the state of Nevada is dedicated to making that happen. Enforcing child support is not a luxury only those who can afford an attorney have- the CSE office in Las Vegas will assist a parent in receiving the child support payments they are owed, at no cost to the receiving parent.

Secondly, I wish to stress that it is important to hold a paying parent accountable as soon as one payment has been missed. Many parents provide a paying parent with “chances” to catch up, or wish to be sympathetic to a parent going through a hard economic time. While a parent is eligible to collect all child support arrears owed, the longer time goes by, the more impossible it may be to collect a full amount. If a parent is truly unable to make their payments, the paying parent has the option of asking the state for a reduction based on a change in income. Until that happens, the receiving parent is entitled to the amount listed in the court order- and should not feel bad about enforcing what is owed to their children.

If you are a Las Vegas parent and wish to enforce the child support payments that are owed to you, do not wait until a significant sum is in arrears. Contact my family law office today for a consultation.