MediatorThis is the final post in my series on why there can be negative consequences to negotiating an uncontested divorce without consulting with an attorney. Throughout this series I have brought up a number of common situations that may lead a person accepting divorce terms which are less than what they deserve under Nevada law. While the number of reasons why a person may choose to forego an attorney, or make decisions which are contrary to their attorney’s advice, the most common reasons have been discussed in the previous articles:

There are pros to filing for an uncontested divorce; it can be done in a matter of days, it saves money, and it can save both parties a high amount of stress. However, it is important to realize that negotiating a divorce settlement without counsel should only be done if both spouses are in a position of equal power, have emotional clarity, and feel at peace with the decision to divorce. Unfortunately, that is not generally true for most couples at the end of their marriage. Divorce brings feelings of anger, sadness, and vulnerability; client’s who attempt to negotiate on their own behalf while emotional often cheat themselves out money, child custody, or property that they would have won in Court. It is the attorney’s job to remain objective and focus on what one deserves under the law.

For Las Vegas residents who are unclear as to whether or not they require the services of an attorney, contacting a credible family law lawyer and scheduling a consultation is the best way to ensure that one’s interests are covered. During the consultation your counsel will ask you questions about your case, listen to your concerns, and give you direct advice regarding whether an uncontested divorce is right for you. Consultations are an affordable way to acquire legal advice and avoid making a costly mistake to one’s future.

If you are working with your spouse on an uncontested divorce, do not sign something if you do not truly believe that it is fair. Call our Las Vegas family law office today for a consultation.