passportLas Vegas is a town that attracts people from all over the world. Because of our large casinos and vast entertainment industry it is not unusual for a citizen from another country to live in our city for a period of time. Often this results in meeting a US citizen, falling in love, and getting married. However, highly contentious child custody issues can quickly erupt when a marriage falls apart and one spouse is a citizen of another country. Over my next several posts I will be discussing how child custody issues are approached by the Clark County Family Courts during an international divorce.

My upcoming articles will discuss issues which are frequent points of concern for parents who either wish to relocate their child to another country or are afraid their foreign born spouse will attempt to relocate the children. During my series I will discuss in more detail:

  • How child custody and visitation is decided if one parent wishes to return to their home country
  • How a foreign born spouse can petition the Court to win permission to relocate the children to a new country
  • What to do if a spouse wrongly removes the children from the US without the permission of the Court
  • Precautions to consider if your spouse holds citizenship in a country that does not abide by the Hague Convention
  • Communication and travel arrangement issues that should be addressed in the child custody settlement

I am writing this series because international child custody issues have grown increasingly more common. As our world becomes more connected, more and more persons find themselves temporarily relocating for business purposes and choosing to stay for personal reasons. However, it is important to realize that divorce and child custody issues can be vastly different from one country to another; often the spouse who is not familiar with a country’s laws can feel blindsided by how the court with jurisdiction approaches divorce. My goal with this series is to educate both Las Vegas residents married to foreign nationals as well as parents with dual citizenship who wish to return to their home country. If you require assistance then contact my office today to speak with a family law lawyer.