Happy female childThis is the final post in my series discussing how child abuse allegations can impact a parent’s child custody privileges in Las Vegas, Nevada. Throughout this series I have touched on a number of topics that apply to parents’ in a number of situations. I have attempted to provide information to both parents who fear their children have been abused and parents who are dealing with allegations. For both sides I have provided information regarding the law and how the Courts proceed when child abuse allegations are made.

During this series I have written on topics that include:

The long-term ramifications to child custody that can occur if a parent is found to have committed child abuse either in Family or Criminal Court

Emotions understandably run high in child abuse cases. Many parents find it unthinkable that they are under investigation for harming their children. It is important to remember that the Family Courts, the Judge, and the Department of Family Services all have the safety and best interest of your children in mind. An investigation is not a personal attack against one’s family, although it may certainly feel like it. If one is under investigation for child abuse then the most important thing to do is to contact an attorney. Your family law attorney will inform you of your rights, represent the best interest of you and your children, and provide guidance on how to best cooperate with an investigation.

If you are accused of, or suspect, child abuse, hiring an attorney who understands child abuse laws in Nevada is crucial. Contact our family law office today and schedule an appointment to speak to a lawyer.