This is my sixth post in my “Understanding Nevada Divorce Series.” My last post discussed Nevada divorce and the discovery process. In this post I am going to focus on attending trial, how to prepare for trial and the possible outcomes.

Preparing for your trial in your Nevada Divorce case

Preparing for a Nevada divorce trial is an involved process. Your attorney will ensure that necessary witnesses are attending trial. Also, pursuant to local Court rules, a “pre-trial conference” will be held with the opposing counsel at which the two attorneys will exchange trial documents. Your counsel will meet with you in the days leading up to trial to discuss various issues and to help you get ready for the process. By the time you attend Court you will be fully aware of what to expect. 

Clark County Family Court trials are held at either the Family Court Center at 601 N. Pecos or at the Regional Justice Center at 200 Lewis Avenue, in Las Vegas. Yours will be what is called a “bench trial.” This means that there will not be a jury and that the Judge, who you will already be familiar with, will be the sole decision maker. Divorce trials typically range from last four hours to two days.

Awaiting the Judge’s decision in your Nevada divorce case

The Judge may issue a decision immediately at the end of trial or he/she may do so at a later date. The more complicated the case then the more likely the Judge is to delay the ruling so that all the evidence is properly considered. Cases involving complex issues of community property division or spousal support typically take longer. If you have to await a decision, the Judge will typically leave any temporary orders, which have been in place heading to trial, in effect until a decision is reached. If you are unhappy with the outcome of your divorce trial, then Nevada gives you options to appeal the Court’s decision.