This is my next post in my “Understanding Nevada Child Relocation” series. My last post discussed why the discovery process is important for Las Vegas residents wishing to move their children out of state. In this post I am going to focus on attending trial, how to prepare for trial and the possible outcomes.

Preparing for trial in your child relocation case

Preparing for a Clark County child relocation trial is complicated and time consuming. Your attorney will issue subpoenas to all relevant witnesses you wish to have to testify in order to ensure their attendance. Your attorney will also exchange documents with the other attorney(s) involved to ensure that there are no surprises. You will then meet with your lawyer to strategize and prepare for your case. Finally, your attorney will gather and organize all evidence necessary to attend trial in order to fully prepare and strategize.

If you are attending trial in Las Vegas then the hearing will take place at the Family Court house located at Bonanza and Pecos. Despite what you may have seen on television, there is no jury for family court cases. The Judge makes all the decisions. It is generally a small, intimate setting where both sides present their evidence, interview all witnesses involved and then the Judge may render his/her decision.

Awaiting the Judge’s decision as to whether or not you will be able to move out of Nevada with your child

The Judge does not always issue an order at the conclusion of the trial.  He/she may decide to delay the decision in order to further review the evidence. Sometimes, in more complicated cases, the Judge may require more information or other provisions to be made prior to rendering a decision. In any  case, it is completely up to the Judge’s discretion to decide whether or not to issue a direct order or to delay orders as he/she sees fit.

Unless the Judge makes a provision at trial, whatever order was in place coming into trial will be in place until a decision is issued. For instance, if you already have child custody arrangements and visitation that you have been following prior to trial, then you would continue to follow those arrangements until the Court directs otherwise.

As you can see, going to trial can be a long and tedious process.  There are many facets to a Nevada relocation trial.  It is not advisable to attend any court appearance without the representation of an attorney, especially not one that will change the course of your life.